“The California style” Daydreamer Gal

She could have sprung from a movie from the golden decade of the 70s in California.She could have starred in a movie of our time as well. She combines the modern girl with an innocent air of another era.

She lives in Athens and has studied history-archeology and history of art.
In her house there is a huge library filled with elle & vogue magazines in all languages. She has adapted her life so as to be able to do what she likes the most. Surfing!
She travels to exotic places where she spends all day on a surfboard wearing a swimsuit. When she is not chasing the waves she will watch a movie on Netflix or ​​a new tv series. Her favorite outfit is a bathing suit, shorts, or a boho dress worn with a big straw hat. All are combined with sneakers. She was
always been inspired in style by Jane Birklin and Brigitte Bardot. She is fond of the summer, her aim for now is to live an endless summer traveling the world for at least for a year. The globe is her second favorite theme after her surfing board.



“The artsy” Daydreamer Gal

She doesn’t  like too much make up and is the embodiment of natural beauty. She was born and raised in Athens, but currently she lives in Ioannina where she is studying at the plastic arts’school and art sciences (fine arts). From a young age she had a passion for painting and continues to express and develop through it. She also deals with the engraving, analogue photography and jewelry making. One of her objectives is to make her own jewelry brand so as to make her art a profession. You can see her doing longboard on city streets or pass her day staring at a gallery. She loves surfing and the feeling she gets with the contact with water. She finds herself traveling in nature and exploring new places. She wants her clothes to be made for her adventures. She likes boyfriend high waisted jeans, oversized tees and boho aesthetic. She is always a backpacker.



“The fashion freak” Daydreamer Gal

She is from Volos but lives in Larissa where she studies at the department of medical equipment. She loves clothes, shoes and writes about them.She is a blogger and a social media manager.Her favorite habit is to look for treasures in thrift stores and restores clothing furniture, cutting, sewing and gluing. She loves fashion and likes to observe its evolution and the switch of elements through decades. She writes about streetstyle, new trends and the timeless chic values. Her style couldn’t easily be described in one word. It changes according to her mood but remains in frames between grunge, feminine with edgy and vintage details. If she had to live having only one look that would be a channel tweed suits, combat boots and a mini backpack.



“The ginger” Daydreamer Gal

With natural red hair and porcelain white skin she is not to be unnoticed. She studied pharmacy in Sofia, and she is soon preparing to do postgraduate studies in the subject of the preparation of cosmetics in order to make her own natural cosmetics brand. She relaxes by strolling in nature, spending hours with their friends and shopping. Her style is minimal, sometimes feminine other times androgynous but always classy. Her wardrobe is full of basic garments that she combines and takes them off with eccentric accessories.



“The careerist” Daydreamer Gal

In the past few years she lives and works in Berlin.She studied computer science in Thessaloniki. She started working as a QA enginneer and the last year she is working as a product manager for native mobile applications. Fashion is something that she has always been interested in and she found the opportunity through her job to design a fashion app, which was awarded and the company that she worked invested for its construction.

She loves volleyball and has taken part in many tournaments. Maria is passionate with good food and always likes to combine it with a fine wine or a cocktail. She likes chic style, black high heels and midi dresses. In her leisure time you will find her to wander around in restaurants in Berlin, in art events or in a theater.



“The bossy” Daydreamer Gal

Elina is the founder and owner of
When she works she lives in Karditsa when she is not she is traveling. She has studied decoration and design but her involvement with the world of fashion and commerce came naturally. It’s like a legacy from her mom. She loves style, but she does not like to try a lot about it so as to be pretentious. She considers that it is something that should come out of you. She believes that through the aesthetic and the arts we can make our world more beautiful. When she has free time she reads, she works out, she goes surfing, she has drinks with friends and escapes from reality by listening aloud songs by David Bowie.She feels the same comfort either with sneakers or with high heels. During the day she comes out with a large backpack full of things and at night she goes out with a feminine black clutch. She loves to be transformed because as she says ” all people are multidimensional just like our style “.


KATERINA:                                                                                               “The visioner” Daydreamer Gal

Katerina suffers from the travel and art bug! It is serious. Once she walked from Hamburg to Berlin,(true story) and currently lives
near the Atlantic Ocean, where she studies analogue photography. Her dream is to build a time machine and go back to the ’70s and work as a rock and roll photographer. Or to live in the Zephyr skateboard team era in California, along with Skip Englom. Oh, and to play in a Tarantino movie. She loves dressing up, because she can never decide what she wants. She takes pictures of everything she lays eyes upon. She is a cat whisperer and a tattoo lover. She has a oldie but goldie vinyl collection, passed on from her mother, which she listens to with a good ol’ glass of wine and talk about boys

The Daydreamers Team