Alexandre Guerin aka Mad Dog is a painter, wall illustrator and engraver. He lives in Chartres (France) and he studied illustration/Graphics gravure at ESAD Orleans.

Hello Alex! First up can you tell us about

I always draw, it is when I discover the art in the books with the reprographies and the old engravings present inside that I think to find a way of which I will never leave. At school, I filled the margins of my drawing booklets. My curiosity grew and sharpened more and more. I am passionate about the world of skateboarding, graffiti and tattoo, guys like Jay Adams, Mode2 and Mike Giant and Tintin for the tattoo have more in my convictions. Of course i don’t forget my classics like Rembrandt and Gustav Klimt  and so many others.

When did you begin walk illustration?

It was in Canada in 2014 with my friend “Lapin”. We painted a few alleys of the Hochelaga neighborhood in Montreal. But the most respresentative paintings are the one at the back of the Bobby McGee cafe on Ontario Drive, a 15 foot wall with two ladders and two poor ropes for safety. It was a bit crazy ( Laughs). And of course the fresco during the festival Under Pressure, on the rue Sainte Catherine. An institution this festival, it has now become the oldest graffiti festival in North America. But I don’t stop at that, what counts is the pleasure of painting and meeting people, and a wall whatever size it is always leaves its place for another .

What have been some of the most interesting projects you have worked on so far?

I will surprise you, but it is engraving above all. I would like to put myself in the art of tattoo, but i don’t have enough time at the moment. Engraving is so close to the tattoo in altering the surface of a matrix that will reveal by plessure and ink a visual, like the needle that draws ink into the skin. Otherwise drawing, good obviously the paint, when i am inside the brushes, but once outside, paint roller and magic “Fat Cap” for graffiti.

Where you normally create your artwork?

For drawing and linocut everywhere. But for painting outside because i don’t have a workshop and it’s complicated for me to keep a constancy in my work because of that. But when you are passionate you do everything for …

What are your plans for the future ?

Continue again and again. Find walls and walls, be more and more present with as much pleasure. For example get a workshop so i can go further in my artistic approaches and grow them. And meet beautiful people and share life’s precious moments.


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Interview by Elina Divanidi