Angelica Ender
 is from Switzerland, she was born in Greece and grew up in France with a quick stop of 2 years in Bombay, India. Currently she is living in Athens.
She is a fashion & lifestyle photographer but passionate with everything that comes with photography in general. The emotion of what you see combined with what you feel is what she wants to reflect with he work.

-What is your background in photography?

My family used to carry a camera at all times in order to memorize our moments.
Therefore from a very young age, I was experimenting with my photographic point of view by trying all kinds of cameras I could find.
Photography was analogue back then, so each time I had to take a specific numbers of shots and that was my challenge, to be able to have perfect shots on film and surprise myself after each development.

I am self-taught from trial shots, lots of errors and assistance work. Actually, I am quite happy I didn’t go to photography school, as I don’t think my path as a photographer would have turned out the same.
Having someone else trying to teach you their own aesthetics and skills does not give you the opportunity to build them yourself.

-How do you stay creatively motivated?

My creativity is mostly driven by my curiosity and people. I am the type of weirdo who always stares at people’s faces and behavior and for me it’s all about that exchange.
Whoever I am photographing, be it a celebrity or a model, there is an exchange or conversation between the subject and myself. I like to bestow my identity and aesthetics upon the act, as well as those of my subject’s. It is that exchange that gives my work its honesty.

-Can you tell us any future projects ?

Currently I am focusing on Fashion and new collaborations around the world.
Next month I have a very interesting collaboration meeting in Croatia where I will shoot fashion together with other creative professionals such as stylists, makeup artists, hairstylists and creative directors from all over the world.
So I suppose and hope that I will travel a lot in order to create numerous new shots.

-You are one of the world’s photographers that have been accepted to Mastered photography programme. Tell us about this experience.

The program is led by some of the biggest names in the world fashion industry and I am honored that I’ve been chosen to be part of it as only 200 photographers globally are making it.
The programme actually just started, what I can say thus far is that i will be given tasks by leading industry figures, create new work and collaborate with the world’s best emerging fashion creatives. The best part for me is that I’ll get expert feedback, access exclusive opportunities and be seen by the world industry.


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