Tell us some words about yourself and your studies
I am a born and raised in Greece gal, currently studying Architecture. I consider pizza, astronomy and Lewis Black some of the finest gifts of life. I tend to lose my stuff, including sketches and pens (!) because I have a hard time concentrating on one thing at a time. I have lived in Tokyo which I recall as one of the best periods of my life and one of my dreams is one day to travel to Antarctica.

Why and when did you started illustration ?
In summer ’15 I had no summer job in a completely empty city so infinite Instagram scrolling was a nice way to spend all of that free time I suddenly found myself with. One thing you have to know about architects is that it is a 24/7 thing really; leisure time means that you don’t work on a project but you are supposed to practice something related to the field – that is mainly why, at that point, I started following pages about architecture drawing. I gave it a shot for two weeks or so and don’t get me wrong, I did get some valuable things out of this. However, perspectives and construction details are as fun as they sound so I gradually moved to more abstract facades and on the day I managed to completely shake off the architect’s guilt, I made my first portrait.

Where do you mostly find inspiration?
I would say films are a huge part of what I do – mostly because when I am not studying or drawing, I shoot films. I turn to films every time I need inspiration for new color palettes, settings or even characters and ambiance. There is always some kind of a small backstory to each character I design and in most of my work nothing is placed on paper by chance. Symbolism is something I highly praise and I tend to devote a significant time in mentally building up the scene before actually putting my pen on the paper.

Have you seen your work develop over the past years ?
Absolutely! However, I think that it is less of a “progress” and more of widening the spectrum of media and styles I feel comfortable using which always comes from continuous experimentation. Unfortunately, for the past 5 months I have devoted more time in commissions and less time in actually developing my personal style through experimentation but I think now that I have learnt how to manage my time better, this will change.

What do you like to listen when you get in the creative mood ?
Oh that is so random ! It all depends on my mood or the essence I want to depict in my drawings. For example, if I am going for something more monumental I start from Hans Zimmer, Shostakovich or Active Child and I will inevitably end up listening to my all-time favorite artist and human being Woodkid. On the other hand, some days I feel more playful and upbeat so I will go for Chinese Man, Moderat, Grimes and Frank Ocean.

Can you tell us about any future or current projects that you are working on?
These days have been absolutely crazy, wonderful but also drop-dead hectic. Somewhere in between private commissions I am also collaborating with a music label; plus, I am currently working on two magazine features while I am also among discussions with a wonderful fashion label for their upcoming exclusive series for which I could not be more excited!
However, the one project I have deep in my heart is personal and it is about something that I didn’t think I would return to but I will and that is my site. “META_REAL” launches on May and all I can say right now is that it will include lots of tutorials people who like what I do have requested in the past, my online store, advice for striving artists and architects like myself and some sprinkles of personal rumbling because why not.

The Daydreamers Team