Have you ever been to a totally green warm and blue place? it sounds heavenly, right? Well, there is such a place and it is called Costa Rica! It was my first time visiting Central America and I’m so so glad for my first visit I chose Costa Rica!
Well the trip was long but well worth it! it took me 3 and a half hours To Madrid where we stopped for one day and strolled around the city and then 11 hours from Barahas airport to San Jose!  At San Jose we rent a car and went straight ahead to Jaco! a place full of palms,waves,cocos and bars,

Spent there few days chasing waves and then visited playa Blanca! one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited! Blue and green meets white there and it’s so dam amazing!  Next day we spent it at Manuel Antonio! a national park where you walk through a green park with animals ,living in a free environment, that lead to three perfect beaches! definitely you will meet monkeys,sloths and thousands of different birds, not mentioning iguanas that are everywhere!


After driving few hours and meeting crocodiles on the road ,we reached, Nosara <3 maybe my favorite! waves,forests,bars and locals that are sooo cool! Nosara is like a magical village hidden in trees and forests! the ocean there is providing great waves to surf and the beach is always clean! Did I mention that the locals in Costa Rica are really taking such a good care of their beaches and forests?we didn’t see a single tree burned or a piece of trash! Well done Costa Ricans! few days surfing Nosara and then visited Tamarindo after Driving through places that are like gems hidden and tough roads that are surrounded by trees! Palms, green tall trees, flowers, cows and cute little colorful houses, is all you see as you are driving ! wave as you are traveling! you will get a smile back and a pura vida blessing! everybody is so friendly! I mean the Costa Ricans are definitely happy people!

So we spent few days in Tamarindo, every morning opening my window smelling and watching the ocean few meters from my room! that was so amazing! I mean you could walk from your bedroom to the ocean like you owned the pacific.Playa Tamarindo and Playa Grande (which you pass the river by boat to reach it) are super cool places to go surfing! really really enjoyed it! Tamarindo is also a place with shops and bars everywhere ! Guys forgot to tell you about the food! Food in Costa Rica is amazing! Never found another place with such good food as Greek! tried the mahi mahi fish! delicious! Oops coffee is perfect too in Costa Rica! oh yes! such a relief every morning we had coffee that was perfect,delicious pancakes and fresh fruits, papaya, mango,watermelon, melon etc. Tamarindo you are incredible!
Last stop was Arenal Volcano and Lake! like living in a huge forest with waterfalls everywhere! a green gem!

I could write and talk for hours about Costa Rica but sometimes few pictures are better story tellers! wish I could show you more! you see the colors and all I felt there cannot be described or captured! Go, travel! you will fall in love with her like I did and surely gonna visit again cause there way more places I didn’t had the time to explore and I really really wanna! you can join me next time! Pura Vida 🌺

Annie Chatzidimitriou

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