Ten minutes with Pella Christina Papachristou, the creative director of PCP.


 What inspires you during the creative process?
The chaos around me! As an Aquarius or υδρο-χαος, I fall in love with something new every 5 minutes – literally. People, movements, music, furniture, sports, the sun, the earth, pencils, tables, potatoes, tomatoes, stilettos… f*cking everything. I am restless, constantly thinking about how to combine all these beautiful things and make something sexy. My office and my house, which is literally GLITTER ANARCHY, is where I do my best work. Surrounded by candles and good tunes, I let my mind wander until I have something gorgeous down on paper to take with me to the factory.

How does a typical day at PCP look like ?
A glitter bomb explosion! Shiny legs running past offices blaring crazy tunes, trying to get samples to sewing, making coffee, chatting with clients, preparing content for the Glitter Anarchy blog – it’s beautiful, beautiful chaos! The most exciting part is the 30 minutes break that we take, all the girls together, drinking our coffee, gossiping, brainstorming, trying new samples, even doing squats to make our butts look nicer in the new #pcpswimwear bikinis!

What’s your favorite piece of your latest collection ?

 Can I be a diva and say all of them? If I had to choose one, I’d say “Aloha white” or “Aloha black”… or the “tie die”… or maybe the “neon leopard”? Latest collection…hmmm…Which one? If the swimwear line, then definitely the Virgin Orgasm. It’s my favorite pattern, favorite cocktail, and favorite words.

How would you describe the PCP girl?
A strong, independent and hard working woman, full of confidence, and good vibes. A leader at work, silly with friends, and wild in bed. The girl next door, full of natural confidence, with no aid from makeup or lashes, all natural with a body that’ll drive you crazy. She is generous and kind, without a single ounce of envy or jealousy. She’s active, she’s outdoorsy, and she’s a man killer.

What sort of materials and textiles do you like to work with?
I CANNOT take my hands off beautiful loom fabrics, plastic, and glitter.

Your last campaign shooting was in Hawaii, what would we expect in the future?
Hawaii was as crazy and fun as me trying to spell: humuhumunukunukuapua’a! Difficult eh? Try spelling it backwards. It’s a type of small fish that’s name is longer than its body. For future though, we’re aiming for Mars as our next shoot and inspiration destination. Tickets are purchased and you’re invited to join us as we spread glitter anarchy all over the universe.

How would you describe the style of PCP in three words .
Fearless. Glitter. Badass.

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