My brand name is ZUNI JEWELS ( * ZUNI the “sunface” is an important cultural symbol of the Zuni people. The Zuni were and still are an agrarian community depending on the seasonal cycles of the sun to plant and harvest their crops. From a spiritual perspective, the Sun Father is one of the three main deities or kachinas of the Zuni people, the other two deities being the Earth Mother and the Moonlight-Giving Mother. To the Zuni, the Sunface represents prosperity, happiness, peace, hope, optimism, and positive energy. The sun gives warmth and makes life, growth, and beginnings possible. So, praying to the Sun was a critical part of Zuni culture. )

I always seek for the Sun since it’s a very important source of energy and inspiration to everybody.

For two years now I’ve been interested in Native American culture. I’ve been studying their gods and symbols and their way of life. I was amazed with their beaded jewellery so I started learning their techniques and step by step end up making my own!. It might be a time consuming process but I enjoy every bead of it, from pattern designing to production.

The beads I’m using are premium quality glass seed beads, from Czech Republic.
The threads are 100% high strength polyester, witch I wax with love and bio bee wax that gives thread a waterproof and long-lasting effect.

Zuni are made with love for lovely people.



Eleni Georgiou