This is a different ‘mix’, recorded live, including some flaws without any digital post production, not at all about mixing but about track selection, flow, vibe, letting the tracks breathe alone with just a small crescendo towards the end, followed by a soft landing, a musical side of me that I don’t often get the chance to share publicly.
Inspired by the late summer mood, memories of those long summer evenings and nights on the beach hanging with friends, soaking up the vibes, drink in hand with great company.
I really enjoyed this one.
Grab yourself a drink, some great company and enjoy.

Who’s Tom

Tom showed his passion for music at an early age saving all his pocket money to buy records, his first decks and a mixer at age 14 in Australia where he grew up. Moving to Greece in 1988 he started working as a dj in 1989 in local bars and clubs around Athens where his musical talent, taste and knowledge get noticed and a record store offers him a job as 12” singles buyer in 1990.

Fast forward 7 years, numerous residencies in Athens and the islands he starts his collaboration as Dance Dept. Manager at a small, but very influential independent distributor and label called Velvet Music. Using his knowledge, he secures distribution and compilation deals for some of the biggest labels of the time, such as Strictly Rhythm, MAW, Subliminal, Guidance and Plastic City to name just a few.
In 1999 he starts his collaboration with the biggest and most influential radio station of the time – the now defunct – NRG 105,5 with a mix show that was broadcast every Friday 6 to 8 pm called “THE PROMO ZONE” playing the hottest exclusive tracks. The same year he releases his first compilation, “Destination Chicago” a worldwide release for Chicago’s now legendary Guidance Recordings.
In 2000 he is listed in the “POWERFUL PLAYERS” article of FREEZE magazine, (at the time Greece’ only dance magazine) as one of the 40 most powerful people in the Greek dance scene amongst promoters, club, radio station and record label owners. In September of the same year he starts a weekly mix show at a then new radio station called “ATHENS RADIO DEEJAY”. The mix was called “CLUB MIX” and was broadcast every Saturday 10pm to midnight and syndicated throughout Greece. The show was then renamed “THE DANCE MASTERS” and moved to a new time slot, midnight to 2am in order to cater to an even clubbier crowd. A show that for the next 5 years was always amongst the top rated mix shows.
Having released 3 mixed cover mount cd’s for Greece’ biggest music magazine “MUSIC LIFE” (June, July, August issues) while also compiling the music for Playboy’s Playmate of the year video. The same year sees him move labels to Greece’ biggest independent, Planetworks as A&R – Import Manager , again securing distribution and compilation deals with some of the world’s premium dance labels such as Global Underground, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Saw, Bedrock, Azuli, Yoshitoshi, Pacha, Renaissance and many more. There he also compiles & releases cd’s for world renowned labels such as DEFECTED (Defected Summer Sampler), Deep Dishes’ YOSHITOSHI RECORDINGS (Deep in Yoshitoshi) and 2 tribal compilations entitled “TRIBALISMO”, while also releasing singles & remixes with Greece’ biggest techno export Axel Karakasis.
He has played at all of the major clubs & festivals like Venue, Plus Soda, Cavo Paradiso, Paradizio, Super Paradise, Fuzz sharing the decks with such dj’s as John Digweed, Carl Cox, Derrick May, Satoshi Tomiie & Hector Romero to name just a few.
In 2006, as he moves on and takes a break from working at record labels in order to return to his roots & focus on his djing, touring Greece while at the same time starting a new radio show entitled “THE HYBRID MIX”. Since he believes that there are no more boundaries between music styles, just musical hybrids, the title is born. The show is once again syndicated to radio stations throughout Greece and the internet.
Never one to rest on his laurels, always looking for new challenges & after being known as ‘Tom F’ for almost two decades, in 2014 he felt it was time for (another) change, picking up an alias he had many years ago, he now goes by the name of ‘Tom Furner’, with all events, radio shows, upcoming production & remix projects now carried out under this moniker.
Tom Furner, no gimmicks, just a lifetime of great sounds.