Roads of freedom

The first thing I saw and was shocked was when we where landing , from up in the sky Siargao is literally a green jungle island full with coconut trees!! Paradise ! Isaid hell yeah Im gonna eat SO many coconuts !!!

I was travelling with to other good friends Chara and her boyfriend Alfredo ( his real name actually is Marco , he is Italian but I was calling him Alfredo ). They ve been to Siargao 3 more times so they where kind of locals already! 

The island is so beautiful , the people there are kind and so nice , everyone says hello and good morning , every time smiling at you and be willing to help you out with everything. The everyday life there is high quality ,you don’t need much just a surfboard and little money to spend. You get so relaxed , you surf every day you hang out at the beach , you eat fruits and fish the chicken (there is so good also ,, chickens are free at the streets happy that why 😉 , sleep and again !!!


Early sessions were the best! Waking up ta 4am to get in the water at 5, the sun was rising up slowly , the most beautiful colors reflecting 
the ocean …

We surfed in many spots , I wont tell you though ! 
My favorite one was Daku !! 
The wave there was soooo smooth and so nice long ,,, the best !


Surfing in Daku in an early morning


Nice people

One of my favorite things in Siargao was the coconut bread , ladies every day were baking with coconuts bread that has coconut marmalade in !

Getting a healthy and so yammy fruit bowl after or before surf was also one of the top things to eat there !

Island Hopping

5am before getting in the boat to the spot.

I fell in love with Siargao it’s people , the nature the food and the fruits and most important the waves and the beautiful spots we had the chance to surf ! I will definitely get back soon <3

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