Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo and many more beautiful mountains with well organized snow centers, make Bulgaria a decent destination for ski and snowboard in eastern Europe. Really cool.

The problem is that we are sea lovers. Swell hunters. Wave addicts. We like to surf every break in every place that we easily           (or not 😁) can reach.

Bulgaria has a 380 km coastline, from the north borders with Romania to south borders with Turkey and the swell is delivering from the huuuuge BLACK SEA after heavy storms or strong east, northeast and north winds.

My friends and i, use to make this surf trip every year somewhere between September and October. This is the best season for surfing in Bulgaria. We drive about 2000 km from our hometown in Greece, Larissa, to Black Sea and back.

The coastline has some well known spots with ultra nice waves and lots of unexplored breaks! The surfing population of Bulgaria is about 40 people (most of them are coming from Sofia) but is growing up fast. Friendly vibes in the water, outside also and some of the local guys are now good friends of us. We eat together after the sessions, we drink beers  and talk about surf. They also come to Greece to surf our breaks in winter time, when the Black Sea is getting really cold!

Surf in Black Sea is one of my favorite trips and i hope to keep traveling there every year.

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