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IN THIS ISSUE talking about JEANS,in two beloved shades,mixing decades together and looking cute at the same time.It is that time of the year,-#notonly-,when we absolutely ADORE wearing denim on denim just because it is comfortable,truly stylish and easy to create.The word SPRING for me has been always associated with DENIN and JEANS,royal blue or lighter shades couldn’t be more suitable with blossoms and flower fields.

The old time classic, light blue mom’s jeans in regular fit, are here to ”suit up” the black denim jacket.
This jacket with the printed back is something, that definitely came from the 90’s,maybe worn by a teenager ,back then ,who used to listen to 70’s punk rock.Well i don’t really like to look like a 90’s teenage so,I buttoned the jacket and put it underneath the jeans, ATT:you will need an oversized piece for that trick OH and a belt,if not,you will look like as if you gained some weight!This look would be different for sure,if i hadn’t matched the whole outfit with 70’s pieces,like the huge belled sleeves and the headband.THE RIGHT PIECES CHANGE THE WHOLE GAME.

One of my favorite things to do : mixing different decades together to create a modern look.90’s denim on denim and 70’s key pieces to alter the outfit.ADORE.


Photography by:
Hairstyle : Instant Highlights by Sotiris Bardas  Professional hair stylist / 24210 200 6
Vibe with on insta: @yurichat