Toothbrushes come in various shapes, sizes, bristle texture, and component materials. The most common would probably be the plastic toothbrush, although it is becoming more common that have an electric toothbrush in their bathrooms. However, the past decade has seen a lot of advancement in various aspects of life. The toothbrush was not left behind with the introduction of Bamboo toothbrushes. The design concept is heavily reliant on the process and component materials rather than the mechanization of the task of tooth brushing.

Widely regarded as the eco-friendliest toothbrush option, the Bamboo toothbrush possesses an extensive range of qualities that sets it apart from other toothbrush types. Some of which are listed below


Bamboo and plastic toothbrushes are both natural toothbrushes. The major advantagedifference between bamboo and plastic toothbrushes is the fact that the major material used for plastic toothbrushes (petroleum) requires lots of energy for its processing and is essentially non-biodegradable since their degradation takes a lot of time (a millennium) all the while releasing harmful toxins to the environment. On comparison with the bamboo toothbrush, which simply was designed with eco-friendliness in mind. The handles are made entirely from bamboos in most cases which can be left in landfill areas with the safe knowledge that they are entirely degradable. Also, the bristles are made from nylon-4 which degrades in less time (than the nylon-6 material used in creating plastic toothbrush which also contains harmful components strong enough to choke aquatic and even terrestrial animals) and can be easily recycled after use. In addition, the batteries from the electrictoothbrushes are extremely toxic that can even percolate to landfills.

Preserving Oral Hygiene

Bamboo toothbrushes are naturally antimicrobial. This attribute ensures that bacterial growth is limited extremely. In short, they fight microbes while cleaning your teeth to the possible level of perfection. Even with the antimicrobial attributes, it is advisable to always rinse your toothbrush after use. Add to that the observation that during a test in 2003 showed the effects of ‘rotation oscillation’ from using the electric toothbrush to consist of cases of reduced plaque and gingivitis.


Bamboo plants take very little time to grow per day. Some fact books even go as far as to even call the bamboo tree the fastest growing plant on earth. With its anti-microbial composition, the bamboo plants do not have the need for fertilizers or pesticides for its growth. That is, bamboo toothbrushes all use only organic materials for their build.

Aesthetics and Design

Bamboo toothbrushes are classy and unique. It (the bamboo) sometimes come in compostable packaging and thus, contribute to the total eco-friendly vibe surrounding the products.


Compared to the electric toothbrushes and plastic toothbrushes, Bamboo tooth brushes are easy to carry. The Bamboo toothbrush does not require electricity for its operations and so are perfect for travel situations. No hassle about charging, no need to plug it in and freedom to take your tooth brushing activity as far as you want from the bathroom. All without affecting the environment negatively.

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